A month ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was one of the most respected and best liked men in the country. Today, he is one of the most vilified. A large swathe of the population, consisting largely of what one might call the educated elite, firmly believe that he is a rapist—even a serial, gang rapist—a sexual predator, and a mean drunk to boot. Woe betide the university faculty member who is foolish enough to offer so much as a whisper in his defense.

To what can one attribute this remarkable transformation? It is not because thirty-seven years ago, at the age of seventeen, he got drunk and attempted to rape a fifteen-year old girl who now accuses him. The story, fraught as it is with flaws and gaps, beggars belief. It is also not because, while at Yale, he exposed himself to an inebriated female classmate who, recalling the incident more that thirty years later, has decided, after much consideration and a bit of asking around, that the culprit was Brett Kavanaugh—an account that even the New York Times would not print. And it is certainly not because he was, between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, party to a gang rape ring—Rotherham on a small scale—nevertheless managing to graduate at the top of his class at Georgetown Prep.

None of these things have anything to do with Brett Kavanaugh’s fall from grace for the simple reason that they never happened. No objective, fair-minded person with an ounce of common sense could reach a different conclusion. The fact that Judge Kavanaugh’s detractors have now shifted their attacks to his reticence about the real sins of his youth (drinking too much and making silly entries in his high school year book) is an indication that even they now sense that the “sex thing” has no legs.

The true reason that Brett Kavanaugh must be destroyed is abortion. To be specific, it is because, as a justice of the Supreme Court, he might be relied upon to uphold the will of the people, expressed through their elected representatives, to “chip away” at Roe v. Wade.  It is because Roe v. Wade is failing at the ballot box and must be protected by an autocratic court—the same kind of court that foisted same sex “marriage” on the American people—that Brett Kavanaugh must go down.

There is one word for the manner in which the engineers of Judge Kavanaugh’s downfall have acted. That word is treachery. This is frightening, because these are powerful people, and they are people who wish to become our rulers. They may very well succeed and they may do so sooner rather than later. If that happens, it is individual liberty—not restricted to the right to life—that will be menaced. Indeed, from what we have observed in the last two weeks, the very idea of decency in public life will be turned on its head.  

Whatever one’s view of President Trump, two facts remain. The first is that a Trump court is the nation’s best protection against the onslaught that may be coming our way. The second is that Brett Kavanaugh is still the good and decent man he was a month ago. If he is not confirmed, the wrong side will have won by dint of lies and bullying. And if that happens, we can all get ready for a lot more of the same, very probably with the full support of the Supreme Court.