Wired: Eric Niiler writes about the international scientific community’s attempt to manage the swift progress of genome editing, a powerful tool that raises important bioethical concerns.

New York Times: Amy Harmon tells the story of a young woman who opted to undergo cryonic preservation after her untimely death from a brain tumor. Scientists disagree on how close we are to mapping the human mind.

The Guardian: Anne Perkins considers how recently approved womb transplants give state authorities more power over who gets the chance to become a parent, further complicating the societal implications of infertility. (For more on this topic, see Part 1 and Part 2 of Erin Stoyell-Mulholland’s thoughts on how the Catholic Church can improve its pastoral ministry toward couples experiencing infertility).

The Washington Post: WaPo Fact Checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee analyzes the oft-cited statistic that a third of women will have had an abortion by time they reach 45. She concludes that since the statistic is based on a report from 2008 and the abortion rate has declined since then, it is unclear if the figure still holds.

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