The Washington Post: Recently discovered fossils appear to be from a hominid species that exhibited some human-like characteristics, reports Amy Ellis Nutt.

Brookings: In his feature on the widening economic gap between the upper middle class and the rest of Americans, Richard Reeves calls attention to the “marriage gap” between the affluent and the less well-off. Likewise, Harry Benson reports for the Institute of Family Studies that the marriage gap phenomenon also exists in the United Kingdom, where the vast majority of wealthy parents are married, compared to about a quarter of parents living in poverty.  

Elle: Nicole Rupersberg discusses how her mental health improved after she stopped taking hormonal birth control pills.

Pacific Standard: Debra Soh argues that the push to have gender dysphoric children transition to the opposite sex before puberty is rooted in ideology rather than science; most children, including the author, outgrow their dysphoria.

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