National Review: Former community health center (CHC) director Marguerite Duane argues that redirecting federal funds from Planned Parenthood to CHCs would allow women, and all patients, to receive a more comprehensive set of health care services.

The New York Times: Ross Douthat answers tough questions posed to pro-lifers. Part I of his commentary addresses topics such as birth control and poverty; Part II examines the role of men, women’s equality, and prosecution of abortion.

C-FAM: Planned Parenthood videos inspire protests around the world, reports Wendy Wright of the Center for Family & Human Rights.

The Wall Street Journal: Scott Gottlieb contends that reinforcing laws surrounding procurement of fetal tissue would have little effect on its use in research, but would maintain the public’s confidence in medical research.

The New York Times: Ross Douthat presents evidence against the “pro-life” argument that Planned Parenthood ultimately prevents abortions by doling out contraceptives and challenges the abortion provider’s defenders to be intellectually consistent.

The Daily Beast: Ruben Navarette, Jr. reveals that the Planned Parenthood videos have made him reconsider his pro-choice position. Archbishop Chaput explains why abortion stands out as a particularly grave injustice, apparently in response to Archbishop Cupich’s op-ed in the Chicago Tribune equating abortion with other social justice issues.  

National Review Online: NRO asks over a dozen experts where women could seek health care in the absence of Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Post: Fact Checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee debunks Harry Reid’s claim that 30% of American women get their healthcare from Planned Parenthood. In another article, Lee examines competing claims over what percentage of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions, challenging both Planned Parenthood’s and Susan B. Anthony List’s numbers.

Aleteia: David Mills examines how pro-choice advocates try to deflect arguments surrounding abortion in an effort to justify their actions and preserve a consequence-free lifestyle.

Los Angeles Times: After the uproar over Cecil the lion’s killing and subsequent backlash, Charlie Camosy argues that while abortion and animal welfare are not morally equivalent, activists on both sides share common ground.

First Things: Br. Dominick Bouck, O.P., evaluates the pro-choice slogan “Safe, legal, and rare” in light of the Planned Parenthood videos.