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One of the downsides of being in a culture war is the number of times you wish people you agree with would just stop talking, writes Mills argues in The Honorable Culture Warrior. They lack the empathy needed to say anything genuinely useful.

From Ethika Politika

Women's Autonomy and Polygamy: Progress Creates a Paradox. The decline of polygamy does not automatically mean that women are enjoying greater equality with men, Laurie DeRose explains. The situation in Ghana suggests that they can become more subordinated.
Trafficking Flourishes in the Shadow of Adult Entertainment. Almost no one gives any thought to what really happens in strip clubs, but as Brandon McGinley explains, very bad things happen to women there. 23 percent of the women are raped, for example, and some are trafficked.
Abortion Story Provides Incomplete Picture. The much reported study claiming that very few women regretted their abortions leaves out a few things, Audra Nakas reports.
The Church, Persecutor and Persecuted. The Catholic Church in America, Timothy Kirchoff argues, would make a better case for religious freedom if we admitted that we understood persecution from the persecutor's side.
Genome Editing: With Power Comes Responsibility.  Neurobiologist Maureen Condic explains that changing the genome to fix problems is one thing, but changing to improve human beings raises scientific and ethical questions we can't leave to the scientists.
Can a Person Choose "Death with Dignity?. No, explains Ben Peterson, even using the kind of ethical thinking the secularist will use.
A Faith Robust Enough to Put People in Hell. Thomas Storck notes that a robust Catholicism would not be surprised to find bishops and priests committing horrendous crimes. The faith of the patristic and medieval Church was strong enough that Dante could place more than one pope in hell and no one objected.

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