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What Henry VIII did in dissolving the monasteries in the early sixteenth century, the bishops—with the rest of us helping out—are doing today, Andrew Haines argues in The Dissolution of Our Parishes,

From Ethika Politika

The God of Surprises. The true joy of science, explains Phil Sakimoto, is discovering that which we had not even begun to imagine.

The Liberal Option's Answer to the Benedict Option. Dylan Pahman argues that liberalism is a messy form of peace. But its peace is something to be valued and maintained, not abandoned.

Real Politics After the Culture Wars. Though preferring Chad Pecknold's Dominican Option to Rod Dreher's Benedict Option, Caleb Bernacchio and Philip de Mahy think it inadequately political.

The Dominican Option and the Common Good. His proposal is not apolitical, Chad Pecknold responds. Following St. Dominic, he's arguing for natural truths (and pre-political institutions like the family), which are as crucial for a proper politics of the common good as they are for the reception of the Gospel.

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Peter Augustine Lawler's Atticus Vindicated! from Postmodern Conservative.

David Mills' The True Horror of Death from Aleteia.

Charles Camosy's The Least Dignity, on Treatment and Custody of Pre-Born Victims of Abortion Violence, from Catholic Moral Theology.

Other Articles on Our Concerns

Felix Whelan's The Abbie Option from the blog Catholic in My Write Mind.

Francie Diep's How Growing Up Poor Affects the Brain from Pacific Standard.

Simone D'Antonio's Pope Francis the Urbanist from CityLab.