The Week: Tech tycoons are spending billions of dollars on defying death and aging, but their efforts go unchecked, and critics warn of disastrous social consequences, writes Ariana Eunjung Cha.

Word on Fire: Fr. Robert Barron examines the Gnostic underpinnings of Bruce Jenner’s remaking as Caitlyn.

The Guardian: Alfred Kinsey’s dubious survey methodology was the basis for the famous claim in the 1970s that 10% of Americans were gay. David Spiegelhalter suggests that when taking into account heterosexual people’s experimental forays into same-sex experiences, that figure might not be far off.

The Public Discourse: Valerie Huber challenges the narrative that the recent drop in abortions across the U.S. can be explained by sex-ed programs that emphasize contraceptive use. She notes that in Hawaii, which saw a particularly large drop, teens are waiting longer to have sex.

Vox: The FDA may soon approve a “female Viagra” pill aimed at helping women with low libido. Critics contend that the relatively ineffective pill, causing side effects in almost 20% of women who take it, is nothing more than a “Big Pharma marketing sham,” explains Julia Belluz.

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