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Through music, poetry, and the arts, Václav Havel and the other Czech dissidents kept living a humane life even under Communist oppression. As Christians become a dissident minority for our views on marriage, we can learn much from their heroic lives, explains Mattias Caro in Learning From Havel. But what they teach is ambiguous.

From Ethika Politika

No Room for Gender in Theology of the Body. You do not have a "gender identity" unrelated to your body, argues Deacon Jim Russell, but need to discover your personhood in and through the body you have.

Universal States of Enthusiasm. We do not agree about everything, writes Sam Rocha, but we get enthusiastic about the same things. That means for many people there's nothing better than a catastrophe.

Taking New Atheism Down by Design. The New Atheist "who created God?" arguments fail, argues Michael Bradley, reviewing Michael Augros's Who Designed the Designer? They don't understand first causes.

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From the Archives

John Medaille's RINOs and CINOs: The Cult of Mammon and the Future of America.

Aaron Taylor's Illiberal Catholicism, the Moral Self, and the Political Community.

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