Welcome to The Whole Story’s weekly roundup of articles in science, human reproduction, and quality-of-life issues, a complement to Ethika Politika’s regular “This Week” feature. Here are some articles that have recently caught our attention:

Marie Claire: Jennifer’s Billock’s account of how her egg donation went awry highlights the potential hidden costs of a procedure often advertised as a source of  quick cash.

The Atlantic: Olga Kazhan calls attention to the increased financial cost of waiting periods for abortions, but dismisses too quickly the question of whether waiting periods ultimately influence women’s decisions.

The Public Discourse: Mark Regnerus responds to a reanalysis of his controversial study on the relation between family structure and outcomes for adult children. While noting the merits of his colleagues’ review of the dataset, Regnerus criticizes their use of statistical techniques to distort the complexity of what real families look like.

First Things: Public support for physician assisted suicide has jumped in two years after a decade of stagnating or even decreasing support, explains Michael New.
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