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Even Catholics who want to help people find their vocations have too limited an understanding of what vocation is, writes Michael Bradley in Personal Vocation and the Christian Life. It includes “all the good choices God would prefer one to make, all the things he allows to come one’s way and expects will be handled rightly,” he says, quoting Germain Grisez.

From Ethika Politika

Pope Francis' Conservatism of Joy. Underneath Francis' "romantic conservatism" and its suspicion of technology lies his joy in what is, in what God has given man in creation, observes Aaron Taylor. The pope sees that technology is just a tool but manifests and reinforces a particular moral vision of human social life.

Sex and the Cartesian Body. Speaking of a woman trapped in a man's body is to accept Descartes' hard distinction between mind and body. If the body and the mind seem not to agree, asks Thomas Storck, why must we reflexively give preference to what the mind seems to want?

Are the Kids All Right After All? Ideas like safe spaces and trigger warnings don't excuse students from having to deal with difficult material, but make sure that they can engage potentially triggering material in their own time and on their own terms, argues Timothy Kirchoff.

European Empire and Pierre Manent. The French philosopher explains how the EU empire attempts to overcome the division between the cities of man and God, argues Ryan Shinkel. Success will be limited.

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