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One of Laudato Si's main results may be to quiet many of those who since the beginning of his papacy have spoken of Francis with a peevish and often patronizing spirit. Having found their anxieties unwarranted, they might stop being so anxious, writes David Mills in Rereading Francis. Not all, alas, since some will only be satisfied if he becomes a near-Lefebvrite and/or an American libertarian.

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Leftover People. Children conceived in the laboratory are, as the New York Times presents them in a news story, second-class or non-citizens from the very beginning, observes Br. Dominic Bouck, OP, and spoken of in terms of property and contract. This should set off alarm bells, but doesn't.

Elites, Education, and Morality: An Interview with William Deresiewicz. An interview with the former Yale and Columbia professor and author of Excellent Sheep, conducted by Michael Bradley.

The Benedict Option at the Crossroads of Ethics and Economics. The "BenOp" is often presented as if economics didn't matter. Its proponents, argue Caleb Bernacchio and Philip de Mahy, must seek to build new forms of community life that reject the destructive elements of modern economics as well as modern ethics.

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