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Speaking from his experience working in the Church, Mattias Caro argues that we do a poor job in making our parishes places that invite people into Christian discipleship. Parishes offer lots of experiences and try to fill many needs, he observes in Saving Our Parishes, and that effort is part of the problem.

From Ethika Politika

Faith and the Fate of the Liberal Arts. Defended for their usefulness or the fact they have no use, the liberal arts are actually the victim of despair. Hope, writes Rebekah Spearman, lies in a return to their proper end: the cultivation of love.

A More Radically Catholic Life. Reviewing Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis, Michael Bradley examines the advantages of rejecting "the American project" (a.k.a., American Catholicism's attempt to identify with liberalism or modernity) but doubts the practical value of the differing solutions the book's writers offer.

Saving the Benedict Option From Culture War Conservatism. Articulated helpfully by some, in popular discussion the Benedict Option has become an excuse for despair and retreat, argues Andrew Lynn. This isn't what Alasdair MacIntyre meant, which was something much more profound.

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Rod Dreher's Saving the Benedict Option from the Culture War (a response to Andrew Lynn) from The American Conservative.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig's Comedians Are Funny, Not Public Intellectuals from The New Republic.

David Mills' The Things That Bind Christians from Aleteia.

D. McClay's weekly The Hedgehog's Array from the THR Blog.

Bradford Wilcox's Marriage Makes Our Children Richer from The Atlantic.

From the Archives

Hilary Towers and Juan Puigbo's Commitment to Vocation.

Peter Augustine Lawler's Honor, Love, and Being a Father in Full.

Other Articles on Our Concerns

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Jay Richard's Republican Candidates Who Go Wobbly on Abortion Deserve to Lose from The Stream.

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