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Even when we've been blessed, life presents trials and struggles, and we'd like to feel that we're not going it alone. What we want is sympathy, writes Mattias Caro in Solidarity Begins in Sympathy, and sympathy is the basic act of Christian solidarity, in which we help each other in our common calling toward God.

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A Slothful Repugnance at Being. Sloth, a deadly sin foundational to our way of life, leaves us wanting to be unchecked, untethered, free-floating, writes R. J. Snell. We refuse the tend the garden according to its nature, with inevitable results.

Religious Liberty and the American Protestant Consensus. American marriage law is thoroughly protestant, argues Thomas Storck, and the Church has wrongly accepted it and much else in the culture it should have rejected. The result is marginalization leading to exclusion.

Squaring Same-Sex Marriage and Baltimore. In speaking about the riots in Baltimore, the president acknowledges that part of the cause is the lack of fathers in the home, notes David Russell Mosley. Would he and others admit that fathers are necessary?

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