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The Editorial

In It's a Magical World, managing editor Michael Bradley explains why he will include Bill Watterson's classic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in his future children's reading. It may, he says, "be the most educative and instructive art one could want in a contemporary Christian home."

From Ethika Politika this week

Dignity: A Dinosaur. Real people, Dylan Pahman points out, do not always evoke our respect for their human dignity. We begin to respect their dignity through encounters, for example by sharing a liking for dinosaurs.

Analyzing Notre Dame's Curriculum Proposal. Timothy Kirchoff argues that the university should encourage more professors to openly integrate Catholic theology in their courses rather than allow students to substitute such a course for a theology requirement.

Of Neighbors and Wounds: English and Spirituality. Pedro Paulo Oliveira, Jr., explains that English is a great language for most subjects, but not for spiritual matters — "neighbor," for example, not meaning what Jesus meant by the word.

What the Good Thief's Death Teaches Us About Life. Something happened to St. Dismas dying on the Cross and whatever it was makes him a model, writes Michael Bradley.

From Our Editors, Writers, and Friends

Patrick Deneen's Natural Rights Conservatism: Leo Strauss (seventh in a series on conservatism)

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Peter Augustine Lawler's Love and Carey McWilliams

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And his Tocqueville's Machiavellianism

From the Archives

Matthew Cominski's "Rights-Talk" and Religious Liberty

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