From Ethika Politika, our friends, and around the web. Compiled by David Mills.

The Editorial

In Why I Joined, Ethika Politika's new editorial director explains why he accepted editor Andrew Haines' invitation to join the enterprise. Beginning with the practical reason "He asked me," he gives (which is to say, I give) as reasons the site's ideological diversity and openness, its slogan "wisdom serving prudence," and the high quality of the work.

From Ethika Politika This Week

Art: Paradox or Dialectic? Sam Rocha, otherwise known as the enfant terrible, argues against distinction, dialectic, and paradox in favor of what he calls an art that kills.

Married Monasticism. Observing the difference between the life of monks and his own comfortable, well-fed, and technologically-supplied life, Hunter Sharpless feels a call to a monasticism as he can live it.

Viva la Famiglia! Christopher T. Haley finds possible cultural good news in the changes of fashion — not in what Dolce and Gabbana said but in what their clothes say.

From Our Editors, Writers, and Friends

Charles Clark's Everything That Can Go On Is Going On from Fare Forward

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig's Keeping Up With the Babadooks from The Baffler

Chad Pecknold's Forgetting Allen Tate from First Things

Other Articles On Our Concerns

Russell Saltzman's I Wanted That Kid Dead from First Things

Kevin M. Kruse's A Christian Nation? Since When? from the New York Times

Josh Cohen's Worst of All Worlds, subtitled "late capitalist materialism and the unending cycles of Slavoj Žižek," from the New Statesman