Every Friday we will be posting an item reviewing the week's publications on this website and pointing readers to other articles by our writers and friends as well as interesting articles taking up Ethika Politika's concerns. We borrowed this idea and the form from our friends at Fare Forward.

The Editorial

In Dropping Dialogue, managing editor Michael Bradley rejects the idea that dialogue between a diversity of viewpoints necessarily brings the university closer to the truth. In the Catholic university, grounded in truth claims, dialogue can only be a method.

From Ethika Politka this week

Chase Padusniak argues that art is both getting worse and not getting worse.

Brett Graham Fawcett warns that in Canada conservatism is increasingly descending into libertarianism.

The arguments for physician-assisted suicide, argues John Keown, are not very good and more open discussion will reveal that.

Thomas Storck, a member of Ethika Politika's editorial board, asks if Locke was right or if we are "by nature social animals, naturally members of a community, and hence of a political order." Locke, he says, was wrong.

From Writers & Friends

Peter Blair's The Counter-Logic of Lent from Fare Forward.

Also from Fare Forward, Jake Meador's The New Writing Economy.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig's Francis Agonistes from The New Republic.

Other Articles on Our Concerns

Gerald McDermott's John Updike's Religion from Public Discourse.

Ross Douthat's Pope Francis's Critics from the New York Times.

Also from the Times, Matthew B. Crawford's The Cost of Paying Attention.