I'm extremely proud to report that Ethika Politika's sister project at CFMPL, Reproductive Research Audit (RRA), has just filed an amicus curiae brief in this term's headline Supreme Court case, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby—i.e., on questions of the "contraceptive mandate." You can read the full brief here, or a summary here.

From a letter by Mattias Caro, the RRA's executive director, introducing the brief:

For 44 years now, Americans concerned for the life of the unborn have wondered following the anniversary of Roe v.Wade, what’s next?

The abortion industry surely knows: more of the same.

Time and again the abortion industry calls the same play with their own studies that under-inform, manipulate, draw erroneous conclusions, and remain unaccountable. Our Representatives in Congress, in state houses and yes, even our Supreme Court Justices make decisions about reproductive health care based on this information!

The Alan Guttmacher Institute—the de facto policy research arm of the abortion industry—has as its stated mission “to advance sexual and reproductive health worldwide through research, policy analysis and public education.” In 2012 the Institute received $22 million in support and closed the year with $47 million in assets. This war chest exists to advance a pro-abortion, anti-life, anti-family agenda in multiple languages, domestically and internationally.

Their primary tool is “evidence-based research.” “Evidence-based research” is the key that unlocks so many doors in the public sector: legislatures rely on it when making appropriations. Educators look to it when designing programs. Judges and lawyers scrutinize it when making key decisions about the constitutionality of laws in our land. The pro-life movement lacks its own arm to provide timely “evidence-based research”! How are we to hold our own in the fight for just laws, funding and just decision-making?

In light of so much at stake, with the odds of money and resources against us, what can be done? Is there a David to slay this Goliath?

The answer is Reproductive Research Audit (“RRA”).

Founded in 2013, the sole mission of RRA has been to provide reliable, peer-reviewed data, analysis, and reports on the abortion industry. RRA’s researchers are Ph.D. level social scientists—true professionals in the field of data and analysis! In the two generations of lies and manipulations brought forth consistently by the abortion industry machine, no single organization has been able to bring the sanitizing light of truth and professional accountability to its myriad of distortions, half-truths, and agenda-driven “science.”

[...] In the last few months simple RRA peer-review has successfully pushed back on several Guttmacher studies that:

Incorrectly portray data on the distance women travel to obtain abortions

Hastily under-report and under-analyze data on Parental Notification laws and teens

Falsely purport that maternal mortality rates can effectively be reduced by providing more “safe” abortions

RRA is undertaking its own original research, its contribution to true “evidence-based research.” RRA is already placing in the hands of the Supreme Court the very evidence-based tools it needs in today’s jurisprudence to strike down laws that impose and infringe upon our religious liberty.

Of course, this type of thing requires funding. And I—along with Mattias and the whole staff at RRA—appeal to you to provide it!

With a meager budget of just $60,000 in 2013, RRA has been able to provide critical push-back on Guttmacher and provide evidence-based research for important studies in Alabama and Texas. RRA has built an infrastructure; it has built a bench of social-scientists; and it has built credibility among its peers, litigators, legislators and judges, all with funding barely sufficient for a full-time salary, let alone a true institution capitalized and ready to confront Goliath.

Will you give today?

Imagine tomorrow if RRA could collect $1 in memory of every victim of abortion in America in the last 44 years. RRA would have $55 million dollars to match Alan Guttmacher war chest.

Today, we are asking you to give immediately to make up our 2014 budgetary shortfall of $80,000. This crucial amount will give oxygen to our efforts and provide us the necessary stability to hire more scientists to develop new research, to educate on life-issues, and to challenge Goliath’s monopoly on the “evidence-based research” market. Every dollar above that amount only accelerates our momentum.

A hearty congratulations to the Reproductive Research Audit team for their great work in filing this brief! And a sincere "thank you" to any of you who are able to help RRA sustain and grow its culture changing work!

Andrew M. Haines is the editor and founder of Ethika Politika, and co-founder and chief operating officer at Fiat Insight.