logo10Over the past few weeks, Ethika Politika's parent organization, the Center for Morality in Public Life (CFMPL), has been working to help guarantee the success of an interesting project called Reproductive Research Audit (RRA). Chiefly behind the efforts of RRA is Dr. Jacqueline Harvey—a bioethicist and policy specialist whose most recent article on physician assisted suicide appears today over at Public Discourse.

The goal of RRA is compelling and clear. From the website:

[RRA exists] to shine a light on the methodology of scientific studies on reproductive health issues, exposing their bias, flaws and propensity to ignore data that does not support a pre-determined political agenda. Too often, such articles, rife with error, are cited as legitimate research, and used to further efforts in favor of increased access to abortion and contraception. This website will offer a response based on a foundation of sound social science methodology and attempt to impose some accountability on authors regarding what they falsely present as fact.

We at CFMPL are excited to have Dr. Harvey and her co-contributors onboard. Most of all, we're proud to be sponsoring a project that's so dearly needed, and that accords so deeply (and practically) with our mission to put wisdom into the service of good living.

If you have a moment, I'd encourage you to take a look at Reproductive Research Audit, as well as to subscribe to their updates @rraudit on Twitter.

Andrew M. Haines is the editor and founder of Ethika Politika, and co-founder and chief operating officer at Fiat Insight.