For over two years, Ethika Politika has pursued the common good as it can be known through the understanding of first principles, and the application of those principles to contemporary social and cultural discourse. From the outset, in choosing our themes, writers, and articles, we've remained firmly non-partisan—not only because of our legal obligations as a public charity, but more importantly because we believe that genuine progress in this area demands it, including a space for dialogue not indebted to ideologies of whatever sort.

ep-icon-circleCrossing into 2013, it's clear that the seeds planted are bearing much fruit. Most recently, our November  / December post-election symposium drew tens of thousands of readers, sparked significant engagement (both here and via social media), and helped to most clearly embody our motto, Prudentiam sapientia servientes—the tall order of placing one's search for wisdom in service to right reason and good living.

Today, the editors of Ethika Politika are happy to build on this tradition by announcing the formation of an editorial board.

In keeping with our commitment to publish ever clearer and more insightful essays—and to expand the gravity of our local discussion by keener assimilation and wider promotion—we sought inaugural members who show commitment to the above principles, both in their expressed views, as well as the universality of their publishing and teaching efforts. We are thrilled to report that each new member accepted his post eagerly, and with the kindest words about the quality and character of our endeavor, thus far.

Members of the newly formed editorial board include: Patrick Deneen (Notre Dame), Peter Lawler (Berry College), John Médaille (University of Dallas), C.C. Pecknold (Catholic University), and Thomas Storck (independent scholar).

To these inaugural members, in particular—for their exemplary efforts and ready commitment—we are sincerely grateful. Indeed, we at EP look forward to much valuable contribution on the part of the board, both here and elsewhere, throughout the new year, and count on 2013 to include many other milestones in the accomplishment of our mission.

A most hearty welcome to Ethika Politika!